Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Personal Development Planning, or the term 'PDP' as most of us are more aware, has to be a key development aspect for any conscientious individual when referring to progression.

Regardless of profession, passion or even personal interests, PDP is relevant and more importantly - vital. The process effectively determines how we each aim to move 'forward' or progress within certain aspects of our lives. Personal Development Planning need not be seen as a weakness but more so as a tool to help improve upon those areas we personally feel may not reflect our strongest of characteristics. The tool also allows current strengths we do posses to be readily identified, a particular aspect in both professional and personal areas of life individuals ought to be aware of.

The typical basis that Personal Development Planning focuses upon is to curate and develop a staged strategic plan. Assessing a individuals current skills, skills one may be lacking and areas that could be improved upon. Each of these then becomes a PDP plan.

Actions can be as in-depth or brief as required, a more simple Personal Development Plan would follow a generic outline:


Having such a plan also allows a individual to asses and be aware of when exactly their aims and objectives have been met. Particularly which areas of PDP have improved at a greater level and those that perhaps need a level of increased attention/further development.


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