Thursday, 15 May 2014


Following on from my previous post, I thought i should really re-visit my Personal Development Plan. Sharing areas that I personally wish to improve and develop upon. Some areas contribute and are more relevant to my professional development and others are more specific to my personal characteristics, needless to say - each equally important.

From a professional perspective I have two key areas I feel need priority development, these being Photo Shop and 3D Modelling. Working within the design industry, these two elements can be detrimental to the level of service provided. Although not an essential for every day work, both skills are particularly advantageous and look great against a CV.

I also have two areas I feel on a personal level too need developing. First and foremost, my grammar. Something I feel I can blame partly upon our email/phone/auto correct society we live and breathe within, however something I feel that by improving would only aid my confidence. Secondly, my appearance. It's too easy to get comfortable in life/work and to really let the 'taking care of ourselves' part down. For me this indefinitely needs working on. I know we should never judge a book by it's cover, but who's drawn to a book that doesn't have some form of appealing facade?

Okay. Easily identified. Now my action plan.

The main plan is to improve upon all four aspects mentioned above. None of the above however will improve overnight, so it is important to remember that any goals we set must be smart*. I mean giving yourself a week to improve serious technical skills will give nothing but a headache. So 3 months, not too long not too short, and will soon come around in a flash. A suitable time frame given (I feel) to develop my personal four elements.

How am I going to get there? Well the professional aspects I wish to develop upon can be improved using a great range of media. Studying books, taking additional educational courses, seminars, online tutorials and basic trial and error. Something I could request from my employer to a certain extent. Additionally my personal improvements are aspects that I solely will have to work to. My grammar similarly to above could be improved by study/testing, however my feelings towards personal appearance is a kick up the bottom (done).

It's far too easy to identify where in life we wish to improve and how exactly we could potentially do it. Yet it's a whole different kettle of fish actually getting there. This is why within Personal Development Planning we ensure that regular reflection and reviewing takes place. Otherwise I plan could be a waste of time. Sitting down on a weekly basis to make sure our actions are being met is the easiest way to reflect. This method also identifies if our actions set are not smart. We can then tailor our plan to a more in-depth level to help us make those improvements!!


*smart (think back, early college days, S for specific, M for measurable, A for achievable, R for realistic and T for time based. Duh!!)


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